Let’s see how this goes

As I sat in bed watching episode after episode of Homes Under the Hammer and Police Interceptors it dawned upon me that as soon as I finished my second year at uni I lost all purpose in my life. This is also when I ran out of crisps, the hangover headache kicked in and I began to make the painful trip to the kitchen to rehydrate myself.

While stumbling down the stairs I realised that in just over a month I was going to leave for Australia on my Year Abroad. This while incredibly exciting would bring me away from the city I had spent most of the last two years in and away from many of the brilliant friends I have made. I feel like I am sitting in some weird limbo, there is only so long before I hop on that plane not to return for an entire year but still enough time left for it to matter.

“What can I do to keep myself busy?” I asked myself “I know I’ll create a blog”.

And that is how this place was born. The best thing I did when I travelled in Uganda was to keep a journal but that seems so archaic to a New Media Student (and my handwriting is nigh unreadable nowadays). So I have made this place to document my thoughts, feelings and creations. You get the idea. I don’t know what this will be but I know that I want to document this next year and beyond.

I’ve done a lot of interesting stuff over the past two years at Leeds and made some amazing friends. I’m definitely going to miss it but nothing lasts forever. With all this in mind I hope I can document all the little things that I would other wise forget

Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride from this messy attic room in Leeds across the oceans to Australia and back again.

If you prefer tumblr it’s on there aswell – http://eatmorethensleepmore.tumblr.com/

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