So I’m living in Australia

On the 7th of August it was the one month anniversary of me setting foot onto Australian soil and I have noticed a few changes since that fateful day. For one I’ve got a slight tan and I’m not as absurdly tired as when I first landed.

My first few days in Australia were all spent in a backpackers hostel where I had the privilege of sharing a room with 7 other people. It was actually better than it sounds and after a few days it was time to find a permanent residence for my year so I set about viewing houses with several other people from Leeds. We looked at many houses ranging from a 30 person hostel type house to a cosy 5 bedroom house with a table tennis table. when I flew out here I was determined that I would live in a big party house where I could socialise with an abundance of people whenever I wanted. However upon viewing the smaller house I had a change of heart and went for the smallest bedroom available. It’s so small in fact that I have a separate small room for my desk and cupboard which I now affectionately refer to as my “study”.

In theory living in the small house was a great idea as I am close to the large house full of my friends from Leeds so can visit whenever I want but still have my own house  and housemates to enjoy the rest of the time. Sadly after the previous tenants had moved out I was left alone in my house for 2 weeks. It got to the point when I had no hope of ever getting any house mates and had surrendered myself to the inevitability of a lonely 6 months. Then almost as if my prayers were answered some people were actually looking around the house. Not wanting to sound desperate for housemates when they asked me what I thought of the house I replied “It’s nice, you should live here, I’m so alone” throwing all subtlety out the window at the prospect of friends.

Somehow they were not deterred my my strange outburst and a few days later I had my new housemates. 2 French girls and a Belgian girl (the people I met) and a German girl. This mix was one gay guy away from my housemates in Leeds (me, 4 girls and a gay guy) so I could finally settle in properly to the house.

As far as lectures and university go I have been uncharacteristically good at attending lectures and completing work for all my modules. Who knows if its the excitement of a foreign country or that I am finding all my modules interesting but for some reason I seem to have a better work ethic out here (maybe it’s just the sun). Saying that here I am in the library typing out a rambling boring blog post so not much has changed in the end.

There’s no summary to this blog post it’s just here so when I’m old, balding and confined to a small stuffy room I can read this and remember my life.