Motivation is a funny thing. I start so many things with good intentions then many of them fall by the wayside. This blog for example. Every few months or so I have a huge influx of motivation to write, create and generally better myself and more often than not it lasts a week and then its gone. I am in one of these periods right now. In two days I have completely tidied and sort out ALL of my stuff, written an article for SpiceUKOnline, sorted through and labelled all my GoPro footage, written this article AND finished/started a bunch of University work but I’m worried that in 2 weeks I will be back to my old lazy useless ways where nothing gets done.

I’ve tried to work out why this happens at at the moment I have no answers but I really hope I can keep this streak going. It feels different to the others in a strange way but I’ll guess we see. This particular post I’m probably not even going to share on social media. It’s just for myself so when I’m feeling unmotivated in about a weeks time I can come and read this and think man it felt great to do all that stuff and create things. I think I have sort of put a finger on what causes it but that for a more well thought out article than this.

One other thing that always motivates me is travelling. Every time I start living out of a backpack and visiting new places I get a unrivalled sense of adventure and freedom. There’s something about getting out of my house and constantly meeting new people that really drives me and I definitely intend to continue doing more of it.


That’s it for now, peace out.