It’s OK to change

In the increasingly PC world we live in we are constantly told to embrace ourselves for who we are and to just be ourselves. This of course is fantastic advice and everyone should be true to themselves and be proud of who they are. However I think this advice often leads to us thinking that we either don’t need to change or worse shouldn’t change. I think this is also amplified by the internet. No matter how obscure your interests are there will always be a group of people somewhere online where you can share your thoughts and feelings which again is fantastic but it can be a bad thing. When you are surrounded by people with the exact same opinion and interests there is no one to challenge you and you can become stuck in an echo chamber. In this situation you can get stuck in the idea that if the people you talk to are just like you and they aren’t changing so why should you, you’re fine there’s loads of people like you so you shouldn’t change either.

Change is good and it is OK to change yourself.

I think I struggled with this idea for a while. I knew there were lots of people like me so there was no reason for me to change. There were a few things I could have changed to make myself happier or better but I didn’t because I was under the impression that I was perfect the way I was and change was bad. I think this whole “I am perfect” thing comes from an over abundance of feel good/positivity we are bombarded with. Now I’m not saying people shouldn’t embrace themselves I completely agree that being happy with who you are is one of the most important things in life but I think we get stuck thinking that we can’t change things but that wouldn’t be true to “just being yourself”.

I’m in no way saying everyone should change, I just think we shouldn’t be so scared of it. I’ve made a few changes in my life recently and some people are very quick to judge. They think it’s just a passing phase or how somehow that I’m going to fundamentally change my entire being. That’s not true, changing things doesn’t necessarily change who you are. The people who help the most are those that say “wow that’s awesome”, “well done” or just act like its no big deal. I don’t want a medal or a certificate I just want to live my life y’know.

This is rambly I know but it’s just some thoughts on a page. Basically just be yourself and if you want to change don’t be scared and if you want to be the same then do that as well, just be happy.

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